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About Us

About FUJIFILM Healthcare
Asia Pacific  

At FUJIFILM Healthcare Asia Pacific, we are committed to high technology research and development in delivering healthcare services. We tailor these services to individuals in every stage of life, contributing to sustainable social systems.

As we integrate the wealth of innovative background from our parent organisation, Fujifilm Group, we continually develop new solutions in Diagnostic Imaging, Ultrasound, Neurosurgery and Digital Health. These solutions aim to deliver diagnostic confidence, improve workflow efficiency and provide better patient experience.

Fujifilm will continue to investigate and focus on emerging technologies and refine product features to provide high-performing and cost-effective systems in building a better healthcare for all.

About Hitachi Medical Systems Singapore
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Company Name

FUJIFILM Healthcare
Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

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As Headquarters of FUJIFILM Healthcare Business Unit in Asia Pacific

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7 Tampines Grande #04-01
Singapore 528736

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Telephone: +65 6602 0110
Fax: +65 6602 0111

Our Mission

To create new value for health care and to contribute towards a society where people can live healthy, happy lives