ARIETTA 65 can help you optimise productivity and streamline your practice.

It combines productivity, enhancing tools and technologies under the concepts of:

  • Smooth Workflow
  • Superb Imaging
  • Simple-to-use Applications


Precise Imaging for Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence

Our top-performing imaging technologies are migrated into Arietta 65 for enhanced diagnostic confidence and precision.

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Acoustic Noise Reduction (ANR)

Analyzes the received signal of each channel in real time, and suppresses signals that disturb the imaging.

Nearfield Noise Reduction (NNR)

Distinguishes and removes acoustic noise by analyzing signal changes accompanying movement of the living body. This enables clearer visualization of tissue structures.

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Improves spatial resolution and depth by broadening the harmonic frequency bandwidth.

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Compound Imaging

Enhances visualization of tissue boundaries by transmitting beams in multiple directions, thus reducing artifacts experienced when using a single beam path.

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Emphasizes structural boundaries and enhances contrast resolution to produce images with greater clarity.

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High spatial resolution produces an accurate display of blood flow confined within the vessel walls, even in fine vessels.

Trapezoidal Scanning

Offers a wider field of view with linear transducers, enhancing the visualization of vessels, organs, and the tissues around them.

Free Angular M-mode (FAM)*

M-mode can be displayed using any cursor orientation, enabling the comparison of wall motion or value excursion from multiple angles in the same heartbeat.

Maximize Your Productivity

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Optimized Control Placement

Control placement is optimized by designing for most frequently used controls to be placed around the trackball.

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Virtual TGC Adjustment

Smoothly and intuitively adjust TGC. TGC patterns can be registered.

Simplified Automated Measurements

Arietta 65 is equipped with automated tools to increase examination efficiency, accuracy and throughput.

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Auto Optimizer

Enhances B-mode and PW-mode images with just one keystroke. Gain values in B-mode, or base line position, and velocity range in PW mod are automatically adjusted.

Protocol Assistant

Guides you through the exam following pre-registered protocols reducing keystrokes up to 40%. It also prompts users of mistakes, preventing duplications or omissions when storing images, taking measurements or adding annotations.

Ergonomic Design for Premium Comfort

A 360° articulating monitor arm, 21.5 inch widescreen LCD monitor, combined with its rotating operator console, adjustable console height and battery operability perfects the ergonomic design to give you the most comfortable scanning experience.

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Scan in Battery Mode

With a built-in battery, Arietta 65 accommodates bedside examinations, emergency care, or scenarios that necessitate changing rooms. There's no need to power down the machine before moving — Simply unplug & go!