Premium performance at a flexible price.


Arietta 750 integrates the premium capabilities of our flagship models, but offered at a flexible price.

  • superb imaging with cutting-edge technologies like eFocusing and Carving imaging
  • premium AI-based measurement functions for higher accuracy and seamless workflow
  • excellent probe coverage for a wide range of therapeutic areas

Empower Your Ultrasound

Arietta 750 inherits the Pure Symphonic Architecture of our premium flagship models that optimizes every step of the imaging process - from front to backend. Supported by premium image optimization algorithms, be assured of exceptional clinical precision and remarkable workflow for next level diagnostics.


Helps clinicians achieve images that are dynamically focused at all depths from near to far field, automatically without manual adjustments.

Carving Imaging

Accentuates subtle differences by emphasizing tissue boundaries and structural differences, helping doctors to identify abnormalities and lesions easily.

Your Choice Selection of Monitors

All customizable for the same premium specs, Arietta 750 empowers you with a flexible choice of monitor screens (smaller, larger, LCD or OLED) for different clinical needs and different budgets.

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