Designed around our newly developed, Pure Symphonic Architecture, to meet high expectations, ARIETTA 850 is refined for:
  • pure image
  • seamless workflow
  • with an extensive range of advanced applications for ultrasound examinations

The Next Evolution in Ultrasound

Greater examination precision, remarkable comfort, and a wider range of applications: Arietta 850 is fostered with Fujifilm’s Pure Symphonic Architecture to offer you our highest premium class performance yet.

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Perfect with 4G CMUT Transducer,
The One-Probe Solution.

The evolution of CMUT (Capacitive Micro-machined Ultrasound Transducers) with its super wide frequency bandwidth and high sensitivity, together with Pulsed Doppler and Colour Doppler, has brought the full complement of ultrasound examination modes into practical use.

Focused at all depths with eFocusing.

eFocusing, the newly developed transmission & reception technology realizes significant S/N improvement and reduces focal dependency whilst providing outstanding clarity from near to far field.

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Outstanding Imaging with Active Backend

A powerful image processing engine has been developed to realize fast complex arithmetic computations to provide imaging with outstanding definition.

Optimum Image Display with OLED Monitor.

With the latest 22inch wide OLED monitor, there is no need for backlighting to enable true black display to attain the next level of contrast resolution, producing the prime grayscale display.

Flexible Monitor Arm
for Flexible Monitor Use

The monitor arm mechanism supports a smooth back-and-forth movement of the screen during examination for a more ergonomic use.

Complex, Repetitive Measurements Reduced to One Touch

Arietta 850 is equipped with automated tools to increase examination efficiency, accuracy and throughput.


Auto Frame Selection (AFS) & Assist Strain Ratio (ASR)

Auto Frame Selection (AFS) picks out the appropriate frame for measurement in real-time tissue elastography and Assist Strain Ratio (ASR) automatically locates the measurement ROI.

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Protocol Assist

Protocol Assistant allows for prior registration of routine protocols. It also prompts for image store and alerts user of mistaken image store repeats.