ARIETTA Precision

Designed to fit in confined spaces, ARIETTA Precision is a new age ultrasound system that is:
  • contemporary in style
  • easy to operate
  • offers effortless mobility
  • produces unprecedented image quality

Advanced Imaging Processing Technologies

Arietta Precision uses the same advanced image processing technologies as found in high-end systems, offering images with superior clarity.

Silky Image Processing (SIP)

Adaptive tissue filter that boosts contrast resolution, providing clean tissue borders and detailed depiction of parenchyma.

Trapezodial Scanning

Extends the width of the field of view with linear transducer permitting a greater understanding of the orientation and size of the target and its surroundings.

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Clear delineation between tissue and blood flow at low velocity flow can be imaged with high sensitivity.

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Dual CF

Real-time B- and Color Flow modes side-by-side display for easier anatomical interpretation of blood flow.

Built for Operating Rooms

Single Touch

Arietta Precision allows you to start scanning with a single touch after system booting, which is extremely useful in emergency situations.

Intuitive Touch Panel Monitor

The 21.5 inch monitor incorporates a full touch panel for more intuitive and user-friendly operation. The touch panel can be operated while wearing gloves.

Remote Controller

The remote controller replicates the same touch panel operation and ultrasound image display as on the monitor, giving you total control of the system.

Easy movement & Height adjustment

Adjustable monitor arm and mobility to fit even the most challenging situations.

Hygienic Compatibility

All parts of the unit are fully compatible with commonly-used disinfectant procedures/ alcohol, for safe use in the clean environment of the operating room.


Image can be enhanced by a single button. B-mode gain, base line position and velocity range in PW mode are all optimized.

Customizable To Fit Any Environment

Cart, monitor, hand-held remote controller and/or suspended monitor; it’s your choice.

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