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Iterative Reconstruction Intelli IPV delivers a “Clear Image with Lose Dose”

Finding the perfect balance between low dose, low contrast and high image quality

Managing CT radiation dose while performing a high-quality exam without compromising the image remains a critical challenge for healthcare professionals. With Hitachi’s Iterative Reconstruction Intelli IPV, you can now perform your scans at low radiation levels while achieving clear, consistent, and high-quality images for improved patient care.



Mutually beneficial for you and your patients

Compared to FBP, our Iterative Progressive Reconstruction with Visual Modelling (IPV) enables you to:

      • Reduce radiation dose by up to 83% without compromising image quality.
      • Reduce image noise by up to 90% with the same dose and control according to the IPV level used.
      • Double your low-contrast detection at the same dose.
      • Maintain natural CT image texture, even when using higher IPV strength levels.
      • Reduce the use of contrast media with low tube voltage while maintaining high image quality.

      Low-dose scanning while maintaining natural image texture 

      CT image reconstruction based on filtered back projection (FBP) provided clear and natural images, however scans must be done at full dosage levels. Then again, conventional IR scanned at lower dosage doesn’t match the Noise Power Spectrum (NPS) - resulting in blurry images. Our Intelli IPV combines the best of both worlds by giving you low-dose IR imaging with clear image texture similar to FBP.

      Visual Modeling for image reconstruction using three sub-models 

      The projection image of FBP gets reconstructed several times with different models. The physical component helps to keep image textures natural by processing it through specific frequencies. The object model clears images by reducing X-ray noise and the statistical model reduces artifacts. Together, this Vision Model delivers clear, noise-free images even at low-dose levels.

      Detect more with less contrast media

      The use of iodinated contrast media provides improved images and help to distinguish normal from abnormal condition. However, there is always a risk for adverse reactions especially for children or patients with renal dysfunctions. That's why the Intelli IPV iterative reconstruction technology comes into play as it detects even small amounts of contrast media with high sensitivity and resolution – which means you can use less contrast media and improve your patient care.


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