SCENARIA View is the new evolution of whole-body X-ray CT System that achieves:

  • sharp reduction of examination time
  • smooth operation
  • comfortable scanning
  • the next-generation iterative dose reduction

Delivers a superb view. See for yourself.

*: IPV is an abbreviation for Iterative Progressive reconstruction with Visual modeling.

  • Dose reduction with excellent image quality with the next generation of iterative dose reduction Intelli IPV.  
  • A higher data sampling rate provides faster anatomic coverage without compromising image quality while reducing motion artifacts.
  • Reduced kV settings enable lower dose for pediatric patients or for better contrast detection
  • Reduced mA dose for cardiac CTA during the cardiac phases of a retrospectively gated exam.
  • Provides DICOM Dose structured reporting and dose check to be compliant with the necessary clinical requirement.


Examination time can be greatly reduced by optimizing the workflow during scanning. With simultaneous presetting and image processing for more than one patient at a time, the navigation between scanning and image processing can be done within the same screen. Also, SCENARIA View can automatically set the scanning range using scanogram image which helps to reduce the set-up time and improve the reproducibility of examination results. 

  • Spacious 80cm wide bore eases patient anxiety and accommodates obese patients and children.
  • Allows flexibility of scan positions thanks to a spacious design.
  • Puts target regions in FOV iso-center for the best resolution with lateral table movement of 20cm left and right.
  • Central control panel manages all operations on the system easily
  • Patient instructions on 15” touch monitor in various languages, including kid-friendly version

HiMAR Plus(High Quality Metal Artifact Reduction)

HiMAR estimates and corrects artifacts based on metal in the scanned anatomy with iterative processing. The level of intensity can be selected according to the ROI and the clinical indications of the examination. 

Dual Energy Scan

Now you can assess material decomposition with different attenuation properties during the same examination with our Dual Energy scan technology. By setting two different kV energy levels with 80kV and 140kV you’ll obtain two data sets in every CT slice, so artifacts could be reduced and more detailed clinical information on different substances can be obtained simultaneously.

Shuttle Scan

With alternating table movement increasing scan range over 80mm providing extended coverage, it is useful for the diagnosis for perfusion examinations.


  • Remarkable scan speed of 0.35 seconds for routine, high-speed protocol scanning.
  • 40mm detector coverage
  • 64 discrete detector row & electronics, with 128 slice Fine Recon
  • Easy sitting with only three modules (gantry, table, console).
  • Reduced ecological footprint with Eco Mode which reduces power consumption while in standby mode
  • Remote maintenance support delivers automatic notification of anything suspicious via SENTINEL™ - maximizing your uptime.

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